Vietnam Regulates Crypto Trading – Metacade MCADE Attracts Investors in Presale!

• Vietnam has recently launched an independent committee to regulate cryptocurrency trading.
• The project Metacade has attracted over $10 million worth of investment since its token presale.
• Governments are increasingly starting to regulate cryptocurrency, which may benefit compliant projects such as Metacade.

Vietnam Regulates Cryptocurrency Trading

Vietnam’s government recently launched an independent committee to determine the best way to regulate cryptocurrency trading within its borders. The country officially legalized Bitcoin and is evaluating other tokens as it seeks to find the most optimal solutions for regulating cryptocurrency. This could provide greater legal clarity for the new blockchain movement, which has evolved at a faster rate than most legal systems.

Metacade MCADE Attracts Investors

The project Metacade has attracted over $10 million worth of investment since its token presale began. Cryptocurrency trading for Metacade is yet to begin but will launch on Bitmart exchange after the presale is complete, pushing the MCADE token into price discovery before the end of the year.

What Is Metacade?

Metacade is a part of the GameFi movement and is designed to bring increased user benefits to the gaming industry using decentralized technologies. It offers a vast selection of different play-to-earn (P2E) games in a single location, making it one of the largest on-chain arcades available today.

Regulation Could Help Compliant Projects

As governments around the world seek to regulate cryptocurrency, compliant projects such as Metacade are likely to benefit from defined legal guidelines that provide clarity and security in their operations. With major governments taking steps towards regulation, this could help foster growth and innovation within Web3 projects more broadly.


In summary, Vietnam is taking steps towards regulating cryptocurrency trading with an independent committee that seeks out optimal solutions for doing so within its borders. This could provide increased legal clarity for crypto assets while helping compliant projects such as Metacade benefit from defined guidelines that encourage security and growth in their operations.

Shibone Inu Soars 61%, Shiba Inu Challenger to Launch Layer 2 Blockchain

• Shibone Inu (SHIBONE) has spiked over 400 percent in the past 24 hours.
• The Shibone network intends to be among the first decentralized protocols to launch on the Shibarium network.
• The ecosystem intends to focus on the NFT market and centralised exchanges listing.

Shiba Inu Challenger Soars

Shibone Inu (SHIBONE) has seen a huge spike of over 400 percent in the past 24 hours, with a reported market capitalization of approximately $2.88 million and a liquidity of about $143.45k, as well as a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $1.1 million. Trading around $0.000000002641, SHIBONE has a total supply of 899764.22 billion tokens, making it one of the first tokens to be paired with BONE liquidity on Ethereum’s network.

Friendly Relationship with ShibaInu

The team behind Shibone INU have described itself as SHIB’s best friend and have declared their support for ShibaSwap’s layer 2 blockchain — Shibarium — which is set to launch soon. As such, they are looking to benefit from the hype already generated by ShibaInu’s project and are hoping to attract more than 50k holders through protocol development and regular airdrops along the way.

Focus On NFT Market & Centralized Exchanges Listing

The team also plans to heavily focus its efforts on developing new features that will help make it easier for users to access both NFTs and centralized exchanges as part of their overall strategy for success. This includes providing access to non-fungible tokens such as artworks, gaming assets or collectibles that can be easily exchanged without any middleman or third party services involved in its transactions process..

Four Stages Of Development

To achieve this goal, Shibone INU is currently undergoing four stages of development that are designed to provide users with an easy-to-use platform where they can buy, sell and store their assets using SHIB tokens securely and quickly without any hassle involved in traditional payment systems like banks or credit cards..

Increasing Popularity

The increasing popularity among investors has pushed its way onto Coinmarketcap’s top list too — despite having only few community members — making it even more attractive for those who are looking for alternative investments opportunities available out there today..

SelfKey Releases AI & ZK-Based Solutions to Combat Digital Verification Fraud

Summary of SelfKey’s Solutions

• SelfKey has released a whitepaper detailing KYC solutions featuring AI and Zero Knowledge verifications.
• The zero-knowledge KYC system allows vendors to perform mandatory KYC checks without holding user data.
• AI has been integrated into SelfKey’s Proof of Individuality (POI) solution to combat fake personas made using AI models.

SelfKey Releases AI and zk-Based Solutions for Safer Digital Verification

SelfKey, a self-sovereign identity service, recently released a whitepaper providing details on its KYC solutions enabled by artificial intelligence and Zero knowledge verifications (zk). The new features will be available to vendors, allowing them to securely authenticate users without exposing them to identity theft.

Zero Knowledge Verification

Zk verification is a means of verifying that a piece of information is accurate without disclosing the information itself. It is used in blockchain systems for entities to transact without revealing sensitive financial info such as account balances. In the same way, SelfKey’s zk-based KYC system allows vendors to perform necessary checks on users‘ identities without storing the data themselves. This eliminates the risk associated with storing customer selfies and other personal documents in centralized databases.

AI Enabled Solution

In addition to the zk solution, SelfKey has also incorporated artificial intelligence into its Proof of Individuality (POI) system in order to better detect fraudsters attempting to gain access using computer-generated „fake“ personas. The AI powered system provides an extra layer of protection against those trying to use AI models in order remain anonymous while committing financial crimes.


By introducing these enhanced digital identity services featuring both AI and zk-based solutions, SelfKey hopes that their customers can remain safe from identity theft while enjoying secure verification processes provided by trusted platforms within the network.

Dogecoin Pumps 6.6% After Elon Musk’s Tweet on Letting the Doge Out

• Elon Musk recently tweeted about Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, causing a surge in their prices.
• A study by Blockchain Research Lab showed that there is an average 3 percent price range after each of Musk’s 47 tweets.
• The 24-hour move of Dogecoin was within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872, with its key resistance level at $0.09.

Elon Musk’s Influence on Crypto Prices

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has been linked to several price surges of Dogecoin (Doge) after his tweets triggered speculations among investors. Just recently, Musk has come up with another tweet, causing a fair increase in the price of the meme coin in the last 24 hours. According to the Blockchain Research Lab study on the effect of Elon Musk’s moves on crypto, there was a price range of about 3 percent on average for each of the 47 events after a tweet by Musk.

Musk’s Recent Tweet

In a statement that is believed to be an apparent joke, Musk Tweeted: „High time I confessed I let the Doge out.“ There was an image attached to the post with the inscription „It was me, I let the dogs out.“ There was also a follow-up tweet where he wrote „Fact check me @CommunityNotes.“ The interesting twist about this is that Shiba Inu has also surged marginally, probably because of Musk’s mention of „dogs“ in the plural.

Price Movements

Following the tweet, Dogecoin responded with a 6.6 percent sharp increase while Shiba Inu surged by 2.5 percent. Before Musk’s tweet, Community Notes posted that they would give people extra context if they liked or retweeted something from them which some users believe could be connected to why he sought to show his interest in DOGE with his latest tweet.

Average Price Range After Each Tweet

Blockchain Research Lab’s study also reveals that whenever there is an immediate and large spike in price due to one of his tweets, there is usually another 45-minute price spike that follows it afterward – this could be attributed as investors reacting further to what he says online about various cryptos including DOGE and SHIB tokens respectively..

24 Hour Movements

The 24-hour move of Dogecoin has been within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872 but it did not manage to test its key resistance level at $0

Cartesi Launches Community Grants Program: Unlocking Web3 Potential

• Cartesi launches Community Grants Program to fund developers and expand their ecosystem.
• Program provides financial support, technical and strategic advice to successful applicants.
• CTSI token holders can signal approval or disapproval of the proposed grants.

Cartesi Launches Community Grants Program

Cartesi (an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime) has launched its Community Grants Program for developers looking for support to get their ideas off the ground. This community-driven program seeks to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem by providing financial assistance, as well as valuable technical and strategic advice for successful applicants, in order to ensure the success of projects growing within the Cartesi ecosystem.

Signalling Approval with CTSI Token

The launch of the Cartesi Community Grants Program also ushers in a new governance function for Cartesi’s token, CTSI. The Foundation’s decentralized ecosystem will use CTSI as a way for community members to signal approval or disapproval of grants that are proposed. This allows the community to influence what is being funded and built on Cartesi tech, and more easily connect with builders in the Cartesi ecosystem.

Request For Proposals (RFPs)

In addition to developers submitting their ideas, the Foundation will periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for projects they feel are particularly relevant and impactful to the overall ecosystem. Developers can then refine their proposal with feedback from fellow community members prior to submitting it for funding consideration.

Building an Ecosystem

By harnessing the power of both developers and token holders alike, this program actively works towards building a strong decentralised ecosystem around Cartisi technology. It allows users not only access funding but also invaluable advice from experienced members of their own communities who have already achieved success in developing similar projects on other platforms before transitioning them into the more secure environment offered by Cartesis Rollups.


The launch of this grant program marks an important milestone in creating an open source platform that is geared towards helping developers create groundbreaking projects that push blockchain technology forward through increased decentralization and increased collaboration between its user base – ultimately creating a better future for Web3 enthusiasts everywhere!

Ethereum Altcoin Hashflow Token Set For Huge Rally, Analysts Predict Massive Gains

• Crypto strategist Cantering Clark predicts huge gains for Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT).
• HFT is currently giving a breakout from its accumulation zone.
• The Hashflow token has a valuation of $128 million and is trading at $0.6898.

Cantering Clark Predicts Huge Rally for Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT)

Crypto strategist Cantering Clark recently shared his bullish sentiment about the Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) on Twitter, noting that he’s building a spot position for this altcoin. With the technical chart showing a breakout from its accumulation zone, investors are expecting huge gains from HFT in the near future.

What is Hashflow Token?

Hashflow Token (HFT) is a microcap cryptocurrency with a valuation of just $128 million. It is currently trading 7.7 percent up at a price of $0.6898. According to its recent roadmap, it plans to launch an innovative game-verse driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), called ‘Hashverse’ that enables users to stake tokens, complete quests as well as earn NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In order to ensure interoperability and zero slippage, the Hashflow token is built on Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution – Optimism protocol.

Why Investors Are Betting Big On HFT?

Given its low cap nature, crypto traders like Cantering Clark see great potential in the short term rally of HFT owing to FOMO and buying pressure from investors looking for higher returns on their investments. The small market cap also makes it easier for retail traders to move prices which further adds to their confidence in investing in this cryptocurrency long term. Moreover, due to its low liquidity level, even relatively small amounts of capital can cause significant movements in price making it an attractive target for day traders and scalpers alike who look for quick profits in volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies.

How Is HFT Different From Other Altcoins?

Unlike other altcoins which have rallied by 40 percent or more since the crypto market recovery of 2023, HFT has managed to break past major resistance barriers and pose gains even higher than 70-80 percent making it an attractive investment option for those seeking high returns with minimal risk factors associated with traditional investments such as stocks or bonds. Furthermore, due to its smaller market cap compared with giants like Ethereum (ETH), there is less competition among traders making it easier for them to buy large quantities without driving up prices too much too fast which could cause them losses due to sudden dips in value seen commonly in the crypto space due to volatility induced by news events or regulatory updates from governments around the world.


With many investors turning towards cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etheruem along with smaller altcoins like HashFlow Token as they seek higher returns on their investments while avoiding risks associated with traditional markets, it will be interesting to see if this prediction pans out over time and if so, how much upside potential does this coin have compared with other altcoins available today? Only time will tell but one thing remains certain: now might be an excellent opportunity for investors willing take on some additional risk in pursuit of greater rewards!

Ripple and VeChain Conquer Future Billion-Dollar Market with Superior Tech

• Ripple and VeChain are pioneering the growth of the NFT industry, leveraging their respective ecosystems to empower creators.
• Ripple has launched a $250 million creator’s fund to help bring projects to the XRP Ledger while VeChain is partnering with World of V.
• These initiatives will help drive the shift towards blockchain being used in mainstream digital economies and make real life use cases for NFTs possible.

Ripple and VeChain Empower Creators to Strengthen NFTs Ecosystem

With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) gaining significant traction over the past few years, two prominent firms in Ripple Labs Inc and VeChain have been at the forefront of driving innovation in this emerging multi-billion dollar industry. Both have leveraged their respective platforms to support creators, helping them bring projects to the blockchain world.

Ripple’s $250M Creator Fund

Ripple Labs Inc is a blockchain payments firm that also maintains an open source smart contract platform called XRPLedger, designed specifically for creators. To further boost its commitment towards developing the NFT ecosystem, Ripple launched a $250 million creator’s fund back in October 2020 with applications for its third wave now closed. This initiative enables artists to register their collections on XRP Ledger which offers high transaction throughput, cheap costs and fast transactions as key selling points. The second wave beneficiaries included top projects such as onXRP, MINTNFT and CrossTower amongst others with announcement of fourth wave expected when applications open up once again.

VeChain’s World of V Partnership

VeChain remains one of the most innovative blockchains around today that focuses on integrating its technology into various industries including supply chain management, retail and healthcare among others. The project has also partnered with World of V, an incubator which allows developers create unique experiences through blockchain technology while providing them access to different resources they may require during development process like user testing or legal advice etcetera. Their partnership revolves around empowering both developers and users alike by connecting them across multiple dimensions making it easier for developers to explore more possibilities within decentralized space and allowing users experience these possibilities first hand through these projects developed by developers themselves. Through this collaboration both parties aim to build innovative products together that will drive real life use cases for NFTs and make it easier for people from all walks of life experience Blockchain technology first-hand without any technical knowledge required from them whatsoever .

Real Life Use Cases For Digital Art & Collectibles

As part of their commitment towards expanding NFTs capabilities beyond just artworks or collectibles but rather turning it into something more than that having real life use cases , Ripple & VeChain are pushing limits forward enabling creators develop more innovative products using sophisticated technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). With AI powered algorithms analyzing data collected from various sources , we can expect better insights generated into how artists can monetize their works while AR/VR based experiences can be created creating virtual worlds where users can interact inside those worlds with artwork or collectibles they own . All these features combined together will help promote mass adoption making sure everyone enjoys benefits derived from digital art & collectibles market regardless if they are buyers , sellers or even just collectors enjoying the thrill behind owning one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by talented artists .


The proliferation of NFTs opens up new opportunities for creators who are looking for ways to monetize their work as well as new investors who want global access when trading digital assets . Through partnerships like ones between Ripple & Vechain , we see tremendous potential in bringing blockchain innovations into mainstream digital economy building superior tech solutions capable enough handling huge volumes of transactions securely . With real life usecases already being developed by both firms , there is no doubt that this billion-$ market will only continue growing bigger than ever before setting new standards never seen before introducing whole new opportunities along way creating a more equitable future ahead !

Trillions of Shiba Inu (SHIB) to Be Burned – Price Could Reach All-Time High!

• Lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has confirmed that trillions of SHIB coins will be burnt with the release of Shibarium, a Layer-2 scalability network.
• Whale Alert has detected a single transfer of 3,312,307,240,798 Shiba Inu meme coins between anonymous crypto addresses.
• Shiba Inu (SHIB) is currently exchanging hands at $0.00001153 and is 0.43 percent down.

The Shiba Inu community is abuzz with excitement as its lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has recently confirmed that trillions of SHIB coins will be burned with the release of the Layer-2 scalability network Shibarium. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the meme-based cryptocurrency that has taken the crypto world by storm, and the announcement of the burn rate uptick has further fuelled the hype.

The confirmation of the SHIB burn rate comes just as a massive number of SHIB coins have been on the move between anonymous crypto addresses, as reported by the crypto tracking platform Whale Alert. The crypto tracking platform had recently detected a single transfer of 3,312,307,240,798 Shiba Inu meme coins, thus creating much excitement among the Shiba Inu community. On Thursday, the SHIB price rallied by 4 percent, however, failed to continue the momentum. The dog-themed crypto is still trading down from last week’s high of $0.00001273 when the SHIB price had jumped 20 percent in a day.

The Shiba Inu community is now eagerly awaiting the launch of Shibarium, which has been teased quite a few times recently and is expected to launch soon. The launch of the Layer-2 scalability network could be the game-changer for Shiba Inu and could be the catalyst for the SHIB price to reach its new all-time high. If the SHIB burn rate is indeed increased as promised, it could drive the SHIB price to $0.01, thus leading to massive returns for investors.

The crypto world is now keeping a close watch on the developments of the Shiba Inu project and the launch of Shibarium. The crypto community is expecting the project to be a success and is hoping that the SHIB burn rate will indeed increase significantly. Until then, the Shiba Inu community will have to wait and watch as the SHIB price struggles to break out of its current downtrend.

LBank Exchange to List Speed Service Mobility: Revolutionizing EVs

• LBank Exchange will list Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023.
• SSM innovates the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem by integrating various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more.
• The SSM/USDT trading pair will be available for trading at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023.

LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, is proud to announce that it will be listing Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, SSM is a project that aims to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. To this end, SSM has developed several innovative services to help facilitate the EV ecosystem.

The SSM platform is designed to convert existing personal chargers into shared chargers. This allows individuals to become charging providers and form a shared community together. Additionally, the chargers managed by different charging operators can be organically linked with each other, allowing users to access charging services more conveniently. To prevent the excessive occupation and monopoly use of chargers, SSM also implements a token economics system which provides users with monetary (points/virtual assets) compensation or royalties. This helps to guide users in making positive changes to the autonomous EV infrastructure.

Furthermore, SSM also integrates various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more. This further expands the reach of the SSM platform and helps it achieve its vision. To make SSM available to a wider audience, the project will be listed on LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023. LBank Exchange users will be able to trade the SSM/USDT trading pair from this date onward.

Overall, the listing of SSM on LBank Exchange marks a major milestone for the project. By taking advantage of the platform, SSM will be able to reach a global audience and help revolutionize the EV industry.

Twitter Introduces Coin Purchasing Feature with Stripe, Unlocking New Revenue Streams

• Twitter Inc. is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to purchase crypto coins.
• The feature will be powered by payment giant Stripe and will enable content creators to earn more revenue.
• Twitter has also released a new crypto feature that allows users to search for up-to-date price information.

Twitter Inc., the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk, is reportedly working on a feature that will enable users to purchase crypto coins. The feature, which will be powered by payment giant Stripe, will give content creators an additional revenue stream and allow users to support their favorite creators.

The news of the coin purchasing feature has been confirmed by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong, who found the feature being tested in the latest Twitter app update. The feature, which will be available in a “Coins” menu item, will take users to a purchase screen where they can buy cryptocurrency.

The move comes as Twitter is looking to diversify its earnings revenue following a huge slump in advertising. To make up for this, the company has implemented a number of new features, the most popular of which is its paid Twitter Blue subscription. The new coins feature will reportedly be an additional way for users to support their favorite content creators and also to search for up-to-date information on the latest crypto prices.

Musk has spoken of his vision to make Twitter an “everything app”, and the addition of the cryptocurrency feature is a step in the right direction. The feature will be integrated into the Twitter app, allowing users to simply search for and purchase coins without having to leave the platform.

The addition of the coin purchasing feature is sure to attract new users to Twitter and will boost the platform’s usage. As the world moves towards a more digital-based economy, Twitter’s adoption of Web3 features will be a major factor in driving the platform’s growth.

Ultimately, the coin purchasing feature is sure to bring about a new era of content creation and support on Twitter. With the help of Stripe, users will be able to purchase coins to support their favorite content creators and search for up-to-date crypto prices, all while staying on the platform. Musk’s vision of making Twitter an “everything app” is one step closer to becoming a reality.