LBank Exchange to List Speed Service Mobility: Revolutionizing EVs

• LBank Exchange will list Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023.
• SSM innovates the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem by integrating various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more.
• The SSM/USDT trading pair will be available for trading at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023.

LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, is proud to announce that it will be listing Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, SSM is a project that aims to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. To this end, SSM has developed several innovative services to help facilitate the EV ecosystem.

The SSM platform is designed to convert existing personal chargers into shared chargers. This allows individuals to become charging providers and form a shared community together. Additionally, the chargers managed by different charging operators can be organically linked with each other, allowing users to access charging services more conveniently. To prevent the excessive occupation and monopoly use of chargers, SSM also implements a token economics system which provides users with monetary (points/virtual assets) compensation or royalties. This helps to guide users in making positive changes to the autonomous EV infrastructure.

Furthermore, SSM also integrates various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more. This further expands the reach of the SSM platform and helps it achieve its vision. To make SSM available to a wider audience, the project will be listed on LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023. LBank Exchange users will be able to trade the SSM/USDT trading pair from this date onward.

Overall, the listing of SSM on LBank Exchange marks a major milestone for the project. By taking advantage of the platform, SSM will be able to reach a global audience and help revolutionize the EV industry.

Twitter Introduces Coin Purchasing Feature with Stripe, Unlocking New Revenue Streams

• Twitter Inc. is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to purchase crypto coins.
• The feature will be powered by payment giant Stripe and will enable content creators to earn more revenue.
• Twitter has also released a new crypto feature that allows users to search for up-to-date price information.

Twitter Inc., the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk, is reportedly working on a feature that will enable users to purchase crypto coins. The feature, which will be powered by payment giant Stripe, will give content creators an additional revenue stream and allow users to support their favorite creators.

The news of the coin purchasing feature has been confirmed by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong, who found the feature being tested in the latest Twitter app update. The feature, which will be available in a “Coins” menu item, will take users to a purchase screen where they can buy cryptocurrency.

The move comes as Twitter is looking to diversify its earnings revenue following a huge slump in advertising. To make up for this, the company has implemented a number of new features, the most popular of which is its paid Twitter Blue subscription. The new coins feature will reportedly be an additional way for users to support their favorite content creators and also to search for up-to-date information on the latest crypto prices.

Musk has spoken of his vision to make Twitter an “everything app”, and the addition of the cryptocurrency feature is a step in the right direction. The feature will be integrated into the Twitter app, allowing users to simply search for and purchase coins without having to leave the platform.

The addition of the coin purchasing feature is sure to attract new users to Twitter and will boost the platform’s usage. As the world moves towards a more digital-based economy, Twitter’s adoption of Web3 features will be a major factor in driving the platform’s growth.

Ultimately, the coin purchasing feature is sure to bring about a new era of content creation and support on Twitter. With the help of Stripe, users will be able to purchase coins to support their favorite content creators and search for up-to-date crypto prices, all while staying on the platform. Musk’s vision of making Twitter an “everything app” is one step closer to becoming a reality.

LUNC Network Now Compatible With Interchain Station

• Terra Classic (LUNC) is now compatible with Interchain Station.
• Lead developer for Terraform Labs, Jared, has confirmed the news.
• The news has not had a positive impact on LUNC price yet.

The Terra Classic (LUNC) blockchain has recently become compatible with Interchain Station, a development which has been confirmed by Jared, the lead developer for Terraform Labs. The move will enable developers to easily access oracle data from various blockchains, and marks a significant step forward for the Web3 industry. Other blockchains such as Osmosis, Juno, and SEI have also joined the Interchain Station.

Despite the news, the LUNC price has not seen any positive impact yet. According to market data provided by Coingecko, LUNC’s price is down approximately 2.6 percent in the past 24 hours to trade around $0.00016310. However, the Interchain Station is expected to have a long-term effect on the price of LUNC. A support team for the Interchain Station is also expected to be underway in the next few days.

The TFL Interchain integration was initially expected to be unveiled on January 12, however, it was delayed due to technical reasons. Jared, the lead developer, managed to surprise the LUNC community by announcing the integration ahead of the expected launch date.

The market capitalization of Terra Classic (LUNC) is approximately $981,178,831 and the 24-hour traded volume of about $97,623,378. As more blockchains join the Interchain Station, the Terra Classic (LUNC) network will be in a prime position to capitalize on the development.

Bitcoin Equaliser Review: The Verdict!

Have Celebrities Supported Bitcoin Equaliser?
Have Celebrities Supported Bitcoin Equaliser? It can’t be said often enough that celebrities are often involved in promoting brands. They step in to leverage their fame to their partners.

Going along with this, some famous people sometimes speak out to give their opinions on the evolution of cryptocurrency in the world. This was enough to set the web ablaze about a possible partnership between global celebrities and Bitcoin Equaliser. Source:

More concretely, rumours are circulating about some of the world’s stars, including: Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, Snoop Dogg, Ashton Kutcher, Mike Tyson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé…Yet, all of these celebrities have never used this bot.

Bitcoin Equaliser Review: The Verdict!
Our Bitcoin Equaliser review is clear: it is a reliable bot. Indeed, it is an intelligent trading system that uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced investment strategies to facilitate trade execution. As such, it claims to guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.4% and daily returns of at least €1,111. During our Bitcoin Equaliser test, we found that this bot is legitimate, which is why we recommend it to you.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser legitimate or not?

In short, Bitcoin Equaliser is a reliable crypto bot on the crypto market. There are several reasons for this legitimacy. Firstly, the bot works closely with affiliated brokers. Secondly, it is practical to verify the identity of its clients to protect them against possible scams.

Is there a Bitcoin Equaliser mobile application?
Our answer to this question is no. There is no Bitcoin Equaliser mobile app. However, you can use this smart trading software in its web version from a smartphone or pc.

Is Bitcoin Equaliser profitable?
According to Bitcoin Equaliser, its users can earn €1,111 in daily profits. It goes further and claims that you reach the €1 million mark after only 61 days of trading. In our opinion, these alleged earnings seem excessive.

How much does Bitcoin Equaliser cost?

The right question here is whether Bitcoin Equaliser charges fees and commissions. In fact, this trading platform is completely free. You can sign up with zero euros. Also, there are no fees to deposit or withdraw funds. Simply put, there are no broker fees, let alone hidden ones.

What technologies does Bitcoin Equaliser use?
To analyze the market and receive winning trading signals, Bitcoin Equaliser claims to use a range of technologies, the most essential of which are: advanced technologies (radio frequency technology, artificial intelligence, laser capability, machine learning…) and intelligent algorithms.

Bandiere rosse di Bitcoin Profit: Broker truffa

Regolamento Bitcoin Profit: Nessuna

Non è mai una buona idea lavorare con un broker non regolamentato. Questo perché non ci sono scuse per un broker che non abbia almeno un qualche tipo di licenza. I regolatori di livello più basso hanno requisiti e supervisione minimi, e non è una buona idea iscriversi con un broker con una licenza di livello basso. Tuttavia, anche in questi casi, il broker ha almeno ritenuto importante ottenere una licenza. Quelli senza licenza vogliono farla franca senza che un regolatore li controlli.


Non è nemmeno consigliabile lavorare con un broker che ha una licenza di un regolatore che non è nei due livelli superiori. Il regolatore di grado inferiore non fornisce molti controlli su coloro che hanno la licenza e non si impegnano nella supervisione o si occupano dei reclami dei consumatori in modo efficiente. Pertanto, può essere quasi come lavorare con un broker senza licenza. Guarda la licenza di Bitcoin Profit e assicurati che sia aggiornata e che provenga da un regolatore affidabile. Se hai delle domande su quali siano i regolatori più affidabili, consulta i nostri esperti.

Commissioni di Bitcoin Profit: Nascoste e predatorie

Se Bitcoin Profit rivela improvvisamente che ci sono commissioni per i prelievi quando questo non era scritto da nessuna parte sul sito web o nel contratto, puoi essere sospettoso di loro. Se c’è trasparenza sulle tasse, gli spread e le commissioni, si può notare che sono alte rispetto allo standard del settore. Per scoprire quale sia l’intervallo accettabile per spese, commissioni e spread, puoi fare qualche ricerca sul web o parlare con i nostri esperti.

Comunicazione di Bitcoin Profit: Scarsa e invadente
Un broker problematico può parlare troppo o non abbastanza o nel modo sbagliato. Alcuni broker lavoreranno duramente per corteggiare le persone all’inizio per poi ignorarle e non rispondere alle loro email una volta che si sono iscritte. Questo è per scoraggiarli dal voler ritirare i loro soldi se sono broker truffaldini.

Non dare per scontato che Bitcoin Profit sia legittimo solo perché hanno un chatbot amichevole per accoglierti quando hai visitato il sito per la prima volta o perché il broker ti ha dato molta attenzione nelle prime settimane. Potresti anche aver apparentemente fatto soldi con alcuni trade, ma vedi cosa succede quando cerchi di ritirare i soldi.

Alcuni broker meno che onesti saranno insistenti con i clienti e li spingeranno a fare certe operazioni. Tutti i broker sono tenuti per legge a rivelare le loro partecipazioni. Questo previene un’operazione di pump and dump in cui il broker incoraggia i suoi clienti a comprare un’attività che il broker detiene fino a quando il prezzo sale. Poi il broker venderà la sua enorme posizione e farà scendere il prezzo, svalutando le partecipazioni dei suoi clienti. Questa strategia di pump and dump è illegale e i Fund Recovery Experts sono esperti nel presentare reclami in questi casi.

Wat veranderde er in de Crypto Markten terwijl u sliep – 9 april

  • Bitcoin handelt hoger op de dag na het maken van een bullish engulfing candlestick gisteren.
  • De XRP market cap heeft Tether (USDT) ingehaald.
  • JPMorgan Chase heeft zijn jaarverslag 2020 vrijgegeven aan de aandeelhouders.

BeInCrypto presenteert onze dagelijkse ochtend roundup van crypto nieuws en marktveranderingen die je misschien gemist hebt terwijl je sliep.

Bitcoin update

Ondanks dat BTC op 7 april daalde, creëerde het de volgende dag een bullish engulfing candlestick. Dit is een teken dat de koopkracht toeneemt. De dip van 7 april is nu volledig teruggetrokken.

De RSI koerst boven de 50 en de Stochastics oscillator heeft een bullish cross gemaakt.

Daarom is het waarschijnlijk dat de trend bullish is.

Altcoin stijgers

De crypto top-10 staat vanochtend bijna allemaal in het groen. XRP is al bijna 7% gestegen in een beweging terug boven de $1,00. Zijn market cap passeerde het niveau van $46 miljard en haalde daarmee de #4-plek van Tether (USDT) in.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is voor de tweede keer deze week de grootste dagelijkse stijger. Het wordt momenteel verhandeld voor bijna $113 met een winst van 32% op de dag. BTG is ook de grootste stijger van de afgelopen week met een stijging van 173%.

Harmony (ONE) is de grootste verliezer van de dag op het moment van drukken. Het token is 6% gedaald op de dag en 10% in de afgelopen week. Hierdoor is het teruggezakt naar de #78 positie.

In ander cryptonieuws

  • In een aankondiging van 9 april verklaarde Badger DAO dat zijn partnerschap met Fireblocks tot doel heeft institutionele Bitcoin naar het DeFi ecosysteem te brengen. Het Bitcoin-wikkelprotocol heeft ook de ambitie om het gebruik ervan te vergroten onder de groeiende institutionele beleggersbasis.
  • Een nieuwe Metaverse Index (MVI) zal de toonaangevende tokens en projecten in de NFT en virtuele metaverse ruimte volgen. Het is gelanceerd door Index Coop, een DAO gespecialiseerd in het creëren van crypto-economie index tokens.
  • JPMorgan Chase CEO en miljardair Jamie Dimon heeft het jaarverslag 2020 vrijgegeven aan de aandeelhouders. Dimon ging in op crypto en legde uit dat er behoefte is aan inzicht in de regelgeving rond de industrie.

Jack Dorsey e Jay-Z criam 500 BTC blind Bitcoin trust na Índia, África

Poucas horas depois de uma fonte anônima alegar que a Índia iria proibir todas as criptomoedas, Jack Dorsey e Jay-Z anunciaram um fundo de desenvolvimento de 500 Bitcoin.

O CEO do Twitter, Jack Dorsey, anunciou a criação de um fundo de desenvolvimento cego de Bitcoin ( BTC ) no valor de 500 BTC ($ 23,7 milhões), junto com o rapper Jay-Z, para equipes que trabalham no projeto na Índia e na África

Dorsey revelou a criação do trust em 12 de fevereiro ao enviar uma chamada para três membros do conselho para supervisionar inicialmente o trust cego.

Apelidado de ₿Trust, o formulário de inscrição para membros do conselho revela a declaração de missão: “Faça do Bitcoin a moeda da Internet”

O tweet do CEO do Twitter apareceu poucas horas após a notícia sobre os supostos planos da Índia de proibir completamente o uso de criptomoedas dentro de suas fronteiras. O segundo país mais populoso do mundo em breve poderá banir todos os cripto-ativos, dando aos usuários um período de carência de 3 a 6 meses para liquidar suas posses, de acordo com uma fonte anônima que falou à Bloomberg .

Em 10 de fevereiro, Jack Dorsey doou US $ 1 milhão para a organização sem fins lucrativos Coin Center, com sede em Washington DC, que também recebeu uma doação de US $ 2 milhões da empresa de gestão de ativos Grayscale. A paixão contínua de Dorsey pelo Bitcoin recentemente o viu configurar um nó completo do Bitcoin em seu Macbook, o que significa que agora ele tem uma mão na verificação do blockchain do Bitcoin.

NFT record: $ 1,500,000 for a virtual property

A virtual stretch of land in the blockchain game Axie Infinity has changed hands for 888.25 ethers. It is the highest price ever achieved with a single non-fungible token (NFT).

Led by Bitcoin, almost the entire crypto market can currently look forward to strong price increases

This also applies to the special case of non-fungible tokens (NFT): These are crypto tokens that are not interchangeable with one another and that cannot be replicated. The digital one-offs have a wide variety of uses: They can, for example, represent digital works of art, crypto domains, collectibles, tickets for events and much more. The gaming sector is proving to be particularly fertile ground for NFT.

Axie Infinity recently set a new NFT record. Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that is about raising digital collectible monsters. Eggs, monsters and virtual properties are represented in the form of NFT. Such a piece of land was now available for over 888 ethers (ETH) on the virtual counter.

The lucky seller and now alleged millionaire has not, however, let’s take, crypto Twitter about the milestone transaction to be informed :

History was made! I just sold an @AxieInfinity Genesis property for 888.25 ETH (~ $ 1.5M USD). This is the largest digital land sale ever recorded on the blockchain. Congratulations to the new owner – Flying Falcon 🔥 #NFTs

At the beginning of February, “Danny” – the name of the NFT seller – made hundreds of ethers for an NFT himself. For 420 ETH he bought a digital work of art on the Hashmasks platform .

The sale of the Axie Infinity property makes even the previous NFT record holder, the CryptoKitty Dragon (600 ETH), look old.

Ex-PDG de Goldman Sachs : La réglementation va „saper“ Bitcoin

Lloyd Blankfein a des doutes sur Bitcoin, et pense que les régulateurs s’arment peut-être pour y faire face.

Lloyd Blankfein, l’ancien PDG de Goldman Sachs, a exprimé des hésitations sur Bitcoin dans une nouvelle interview.
Il a déclaré qu’il s’agissait d’une réserve de valeur et d’un moyen d’échange douteux.
Il a également exprimé ses inquiétudes sur la manière dont les régulateurs pourraient le gérer.

Dans une nouvelle interview accordée à la Squawk Box de CNBC, l’ancien PDG de Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, a déclaré qu’il y avait des raisons d’être sceptique à propos de Bitcoin.

„Cela pourrait fonctionner“, a déclaré M. Blankfein à l’animateur Andrew Ross Sorkin. „Mais, en réalité, au bout du compte, la monnaie est censée accomplir deux ou trois choses. Elle est censée être un moyen d’échange et une réserve de valeur.“

M. Blankfein a ensuite expliqué pourquoi Bitcoin ne répond pas exactement à ces critères.

„C’est une réserve de valeur qui peut se déplacer de 10% en un jour ; que, si vous perdez un code, ou si vous perdez un bout de papier, il est perdu à jamais ; ou, si quelqu’un vous le prend, comment le saurez-vous ? Donc, l’élément de la réserve de valeur est un peu difficile“, a déclaré M. Blankfein.

Le marché le confirme plus ou moins : au début de ce mois, Bitcoin a perdu environ un cinquième de sa valeur du jour au lendemain. Il s’agit d’un investissement réputé pour sa volatilité : en mars dernier, le crash boursier provoqué par la pandémie l’a fait passer du niveau élevé de 800 dollars au milieu des années 400. Et le cours a fait d’énormes bonds à la fin de l’année dernière, atteignant un nouveau record absolu de plus de 40 000 dollars.

  • BTC
  • -10.35%$32,233.23
  • 24H7D1M1YMAX
  • Prix de la CTB

En ce qui concerne le fait qu’il s’agisse d’un moyen d’échange, M. Blankfein a suggéré que le vernis d’anonymat de Bitcoin pose un problème aux régulateurs qui cherchent à freiner le blanchiment d’argent et les activités illégales : „Vous ne savez pas si vous payez les Nord-Coréens, ou Al-Qaida, ou les Gardiens de la Révolution“.

S’il est vrai que Bitcoin est utilisé pour financer des activités criminelles, le système n’est pas anonyme : puisque chaque transaction est enregistrée publiquement, l’argent liquide reste une bien meilleure option pour les criminels qui cherchent à garder le silence.

Il a poursuivi en disant que même si Bitcoin continue à se généraliser, les réglementations inévitables peuvent contrecarrer une partie de l’attrait : „Cela pourrait être réalisable, mais cela sapera la liberté et le manque de transparence que les gens apprécient en premier lieu. Voilà donc l’énigme que Bitcoin devra résoudre elle-même. Si j’étais un régulateur, je serais en quelque sorte hyperventilé par le succès de ce projet en ce moment, et je m’armerais pour y faire face“.

Soyez le premier à essayer notre jeton de récompense.

Gagnez des jetons de manière passive pendant que vous lisez. Dépensez vos jetons dans notre magasin de récompenses.

Ray Dalio, de Bridgewater, a fait état d’une tension similaire dans une interview accordée à Yahoo Finance l’année dernière, en déclarant que les gouvernements pourraient même interdire les bitcoins s’ils ne peuvent pas les réglementer efficacement.

Goldman, de David Solomon, reste ambivalent à propos de Bitcoin. L’année dernière, les diapositives d’un appel d’une entreprise ont dit aux clients que Bitcoin n’est „pas une classe d’actifs“, bien que le responsable mondial des actifs numériques de Goldman ait depuis déclaré que les investissements dans la technologie des chaînes de blocs sont toujours sur la table.

Bitpay CCO: Bitcoin could hit $ 45,000 in a month

Will the institutions hold Bitcoin for years, as was initially thought? Or will they sell for a quick buck?

More and more mainstream giants have invested money in Bitcoin in the past few months

Some speculate that these companies will want to hold their Crypto Bank investments for years. Bitpay’s commercial director is not so sure. He believes these companies could sell their holdings earlier than originally planned if the price continues to rise.

„Many institutional buyers have bought in at $ 20,000, so that would be my lower limit for this could Bitcoin go as far down,“ said Sonny Singh in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday after Bitcoin slightly decreased is.

„All of these shoppers who bought in were like, ‚Oh, we’ve been on Bitcoin for three to five years now.‘ That’s great, but I think if Bitcoin hits $ 45,000 in the next month or so, I think they say, ‚Wow, we’ve just earned double that. We don’t have to wait these three years, let’s sell some of them now.‘ “

Big players‘ interest in Bitcoin increased in the second half of 2020 when companies like MicroStrategy, Square, and MassMutual invested significant sums of money in Bitcoin

„I spoke to someone who works at Skybridge,“ said podcaster Peter McCormack in a recent interview . „He said at MassMutual you need to understand that while the company put in $ 100 million, it wasn’t a lot of money for them,“ said McCormack. „You don’t want to sell next year, or in two years or in five years.“

However, Singh has made an argument to the contrary. Institutional sales could spark a new wave of BTC sales. „Then you start to see a pressure of $ 200 million in sales orders that the industry has never seen before,“ said Singh. „That could cause a catapult-like event that could cause the price to go down pretty quickly. And it could go from 45,000 to 40,000 to 35,000 down to 30,000 or similar levels, but I think the lower bound would be at $ 20,000.“

Speaking of a current lack of BTC selling pressure, Singh said he saw little resistance to BTC spiking up to $ 40,000 or $ 45,000 „in the next month or so“.