Vietnam Regulates Crypto Trading – Metacade MCADE Attracts Investors in Presale!

• Vietnam has recently launched an independent committee to regulate cryptocurrency trading.
• The project Metacade has attracted over $10 million worth of investment since its token presale.
• Governments are increasingly starting to regulate cryptocurrency, which may benefit compliant projects such as Metacade.

Vietnam Regulates Cryptocurrency Trading

Vietnam’s government recently launched an independent committee to determine the best way to regulate cryptocurrency trading within its borders. The country officially legalized Bitcoin and is evaluating other tokens as it seeks to find the most optimal solutions for regulating cryptocurrency. This could provide greater legal clarity for the new blockchain movement, which has evolved at a faster rate than most legal systems.

Metacade MCADE Attracts Investors

The project Metacade has attracted over $10 million worth of investment since its token presale began. Cryptocurrency trading for Metacade is yet to begin but will launch on Bitmart exchange after the presale is complete, pushing the MCADE token into price discovery before the end of the year.

What Is Metacade?

Metacade is a part of the GameFi movement and is designed to bring increased user benefits to the gaming industry using decentralized technologies. It offers a vast selection of different play-to-earn (P2E) games in a single location, making it one of the largest on-chain arcades available today.

Regulation Could Help Compliant Projects

As governments around the world seek to regulate cryptocurrency, compliant projects such as Metacade are likely to benefit from defined legal guidelines that provide clarity and security in their operations. With major governments taking steps towards regulation, this could help foster growth and innovation within Web3 projects more broadly.


In summary, Vietnam is taking steps towards regulating cryptocurrency trading with an independent committee that seeks out optimal solutions for doing so within its borders. This could provide increased legal clarity for crypto assets while helping compliant projects such as Metacade benefit from defined guidelines that encourage security and growth in their operations.