Unlock Stellar Gains with Solana and InQubeta: Crypto Projects Surge

• Uniswap recently faced backlash after a rug pull scam led by one of its employees.
• InQubeta, on the other hand, is gaining traction due to its fractional ownership concept and equity-based NFT rewards.
• Allen Lin, a former lead engineer at NFT marketplace Genie, was dismissed from Uniswap following allegations of a rug pull.

Uniswap Rug Pull Allegations

Trust and integrity are essential components for any crypto project’s future success. Recently, Uniswap has faced a significant backlash after an internal scam involving one of its employees. The employee in question, Allen Lin had been with Uniswap since July 2022 and was previously the lead engineer at NFT marketplace Genie. It is alleged that he removed liquidity from Uniswap after introducing the FrensTech memecoin on Base.

InQubeta Gaining Momentum

In contrast to the negative publicity surrounding Uniswap, reputed platforms like Solana and InQubeta have been able to unlock stellar gains despite the dark clouds in other corners of the sector. InQubeta is an AI investment platform that seeks to democratize AI investment through fractional ownership concepts. This allows individual investors to access opportunities normally reserved for Silicon Valley elite investors as they can benefit from QUBE deflationary ERC20 tokens with dual taxation systems on buys and sells as well as staking rewards for token holders. Additionally, holders get access to equity-based NFT rewards when investing in start-ups via InQubeta’s NFT marketplace which recently raised over $2.2 million in their successful presale launch.

The Benefits of Investing with InQubeta

InQubeta offers numerous benefits for those looking to invest in AI start-ups such as transparency, security and participation which empowers investors by giving them a voice when it comes to shaping the platform’s trajectory going forward. Furthermore, beyond mere investments holders also gain access to staking rewards as well as equity-based NFT rewards when investing through their platform’s NFT marketplace which makes it one of the best DeFi crypto projects around right now.

Allen Lin Dismissed From Uniswap

Following these allegations against Allen Lin regarding his involvement with a rug pull scam he was subsequently dismissed from his role at Uniswap leaving him facing potential criminal action regarding this matter if proven true..


The events surrounding Uniswap serve as an example of why trust and integrity are so important within cryptocurrency projects while simultaneously showcasing how some projects like InQubera are able provide alternative options with fractional ownership concepts allowing individual investors access that was traditionally reserved for only those within Silicon Valley circles while providing transparency security and access to staking rewards giving users more control over their investments than ever before