NFT record: $ 1,500,000 for a virtual property

A virtual stretch of land in the blockchain game Axie Infinity has changed hands for 888.25 ethers. It is the highest price ever achieved with a single non-fungible token (NFT).

Led by Bitcoin, almost the entire crypto market can currently look forward to strong price increases

This also applies to the special case of non-fungible tokens (NFT): These are crypto tokens that are not interchangeable with one another and that cannot be replicated. The digital one-offs have a wide variety of uses: They can, for example, represent digital works of art, crypto domains, collectibles, tickets for events and much more. The gaming sector is proving to be particularly fertile ground for NFT.

Axie Infinity recently set a new NFT record. Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that is about raising digital collectible monsters. Eggs, monsters and virtual properties are represented in the form of NFT. Such a piece of land was now available for over 888 ethers (ETH) on the virtual counter.

The lucky seller and now alleged millionaire has not, however, let’s take, crypto Twitter about the milestone transaction to be informed :

History was made! I just sold an @AxieInfinity Genesis property for 888.25 ETH (~ $ 1.5M USD). This is the largest digital land sale ever recorded on the blockchain. Congratulations to the new owner – Flying Falcon 🔥 #NFTs

At the beginning of February, “Danny” – the name of the NFT seller – made hundreds of ethers for an NFT himself. For 420 ETH he bought a digital work of art on the Hashmasks platform .

The sale of the Axie Infinity property makes even the previous NFT record holder, the CryptoKitty Dragon (600 ETH), look old.