Million-Dollar SPYCE5 Partners With Shimmer: 1 Million Daily Transactions Reached!

• ShimmerEVM testnet has achieved 1 million daily transactions milestone.
• Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience, helps to increase the transaction volumes and offers rewards for participation.
• Shimmer has partnered with SPYCE.5 to help organizations build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer.

Shimmer Reaches Massive Milestone

The ShimmerEVM testnet has already clicked the milestone of 1 million daily transactions majorly driven by the release of Treasures of Shimmer. With major improvements made by Shimmer’s DevOps team, the #ShimmerEVM Testnet, a version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is running absolutely smoothly and seamlessly.

Treasures Of Shimmer

Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes, encourages greater participation in the Shimmer network and helps strengthen it. This gaming experience also offers exciting rewards to all the participants in the form of Shimmer’s native $SMR tokens.

SPYCE5 Partners With Industry Heavyweight Servrox

In its latest development, the Shimmer network has joined hands with SPYCE.5, a technology infrastructure provider, for providing necessary infrastructure and consultation to organizations and help them build projects atop IOTA and Shimer.

Benefits Of The Partnership

This collaboration will provide great benefits for both parties as it will allow organizations to develop projects on top of IOTA & shimmer easily while giving SPYCE access to new customers who are looking for reliable blockchain solutions for their businesses/projects.


The recent surge in transaction volumes on the shimmer EVM testnet demonstrates its scalability & ability to handle very high transaction volumes while offering an array of opportunities & rewards for participants which makes this platform more attractive than ever before!