Cerus Markets Boosts Leverage to 400:1 – Trade Bigger, Earn More

• Cerus Markets is thrilled to announce an increase in leverage options for non-crypto instruments, offering up to 400:1 leverage.
• This update allows traders to make the most of their investments and gain greater market exposure with potential for higher returns.
• Established in 2022, Cerus Markets offers unique crypto derivative products, FX, Commodities, Indices and Single Stocks trading with no upfront fees.

Cerus Markets Announces Increase in Leverage Options

Cerus Markets is thrilled to announce an exciting update to its leverage options for non-crypto instruments. Effective immediately, traders at Cerus Markets can enjoy leverage of up to 400:1 when trading Forex, Commodities, Indices and Single Stocks. With this increase in leverage options traders can take advantage of greater market exposure with the potential for higher returns on their investments.

About Cerus Markets

Established in 2022, Cerus Markets Limited is a multi-asset broker authorized and regulated by the Labuan Financial Service Authority, Malaysia. The company has a focus on innovation providing traders access to over 200 instruments paired with cryptocurrencies as well as FX, Commodities, Indices and Single Stocks trading with no entry fees required. Additionally there is a 100% deposit matching bonus doubling the amount of first deposits further enhancing the trading experience offered by Cerus Markets.

Commitment To Providing Best Trading Experience

At Cerus Markets they pride themselves on their commitment to providing clients with the best possible trading experience. By offering increased leverage options for non-crypto instruments they aim to provide clients with more opportunities to capitalize on market movements while still providing easy and affordable access to the markets so that traders of all levels are empowered by their services.

Customer Benefits

The main benefits customers will be able enjoy from this new update include greater market exposure and potential for higher returns through leveraging up to 400:1 when trading Forex, Commodities Indices and Single Stocks as well as access through over 200 crypto derivatives products without needing any entry fees or commissions charged by the company itself making it easier than ever before for customers trades at any level regardless of budget size or investment knowledge base..


Cerus Market’s exciting update provides customers with more opportunities than ever before when it comes accessing different markets without requiring large up front costs or charging commissions or entry fees allowing them full control over their investments even if they lack financial understanding or have smaller budgets available than other investors.