Advertising for Bitcoin? – Spanish politicians receive crypto-money

All 350 members of the Spanish Congress received 1 euro in crypto.

The parliamentarians from the Spanish Congress were pleasantly surprised, as each of them received the equivalent of 1 euro sent to their e-mail inbox.

Like the Spanish news portal ABC, this is part of an action of the Decentralised Platform Tutellus, which wants to tokenise educational technology using crypto technology, and the Blockchain Observatory. The action aims to raise awareness of crypto-currencies in Spain.

All 350 members of Congress have received the equivalent of 1 euro in the form of a crypto currency by e-mail. Miguel Caballero, the founder of Tutellus, states that he wants to use it to raise awareness of the future role of crypto-currencies in society:

„We have shown the honourable Members that we are in the middle of a fundamental change in the use of money, and we have emphasised that crypto-currencies play an important role in this change“.
Caballero emphasises that the crypto-money „is not a donation“. While he assumes that some MPs already know crypto-currencies, this would nevertheless be an opportunity for those less familiar with the subject to learn.

Spain is not the first country where crypto-money has been sent to politicians. In the US, for example, the Chamber of Digital Commerce sent $50 in Bitcoin to 541 members of the US Congress in early October, according to Decrypt.